EURAXESS TOP II: Enhancing The Outreach and Effectiveness of the EURAXESS Network Partners

Project Description

In EURAXESS TOP II, which builds from EURAXESS TOP and other related EU- projects, key people from 17 Partners and 13 Associate Partners join forces to enhance the overall performance, quality, effectiveness and coherence of the information and services delivered by the network by exchange of best practices achieved over the years, training sessions and updating of portals.
The interlinked Work Packages and Tasks include Charter & Code, Social Security & Pensions, Open Recruitment, Industry/Innovation, Skills, Portals, Capacity Building, Electronic Handbook updating, Promotion, and Strategic Dialogue with key stakeholders. Expected impacts: improved services + enhanced recruitment and mobility of researchers.

Involved People EU GrantsAccess

Sofia Karakostas, Management Board
Sibylle Hodel, CO-WP Leader “Capacity Building”, Task Leader “Strategic Dialogue”, Project Management
Annika Glauner, CO-WP Leader “Capacity Building”, Task Leader “Strategic Dialogue”, Project Management


FECYT, Spain

Partner Institutions

17 partner organisations from EU member states and Associated countries


3 Years, 2012–2014





Funding Scheme

Coordination and Support Action (CSA)