European Researchers’ Nights: Lakeside Night, Lakeside Zurich, Zurich meets Europe

Project Description

On the last Friday in September, the Researchers Night takes place  in Europe. Today, more than 30 countries and over 300 cities are involved. ETH Zurich has organized this Science Event in Zurich for three years in a row. This Europe-wide public event is dedicated to popular science and fun learning.

From 2007 until 2009 we organized three big science events at the lakeside of  Zurich. The events showcase what researchers really do for society, in interactive and engaging ways, and promote research careers to young people and their parents. Exhibitions, demonstrations, science shows attracted the broad public and showed in a popular manner, what researchers do.

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Sofia Karakostas, Management Board
Annika Glauner, WP and Task Leader, Project Coordination and Management
Sibylle Hodel, WP and Task Leader, Project Coordination and Management


ETH Zurich Corporate Communications / EU GrantsAccess

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1 Year each, 2007-2009




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Coordination and Support Action (CSA)