Project Description

In today´s ever changing world, systematic and focused career management is becoming increasingly important for both researchers and their employers. However research organisations face the challenge of how to guide researchers through this process and how to enable them to become creative, critical and autonomous intellectual risk takers.

Currently variety of career development tools is available, some of them are formal and structured, other are based on informal and self-directed approach. But how to ensure that these tools, usually designed for the use in certain research environments, can be transferred to other contexts? And how to make them more reflexive to the increasing variability of career patterns and opportunities which arise with the creation of brand new jobs in the near future?

REFLEX - A two-year project joining forces of partners from five European countries, will address these challenges through the designing of intelligent career development framework based on the direct involvement of researchers, their employers, HR departments, EURAXESS Service Centres and other relevant actors.

Involved People EU GrantsAccess

Sofia Karakostas, Management Board

Sibylle Hodel, Work Package Leader

Annika Glauner, Work Package Leader

Alexandra Zingg, Work Package Leader


Slovak Academic Information Agency (SAIA), Slovakia

Partner Institutions

Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd, Hungary
ETH Zurich
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
University of Copenhagen, Denmark


2 Years, 2015-2016




Support for the coherent development of research policies

Funding Scheme

Coordination and Support Action (Coordination Actions)