Project Description

The ResumeNet project investigated a framework for network resilience. The framework consists of a number of components, including approaches to evaluate network resilience based on metrics, and architectures that can be used to detect challenges and mitigate them in real-time. The project’s outcomes on resilience metrics was heavily cited by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA). In addition to the ResumeNet framework, innovative resilience mechanisms were developed, including novel multipath routing schemes and resilient Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) schemes. The ResumeNet framework has been experimentally evaluated in future Internet scenarios: wireless mesh networks; disruption tolerant networks; a multimedia service provisioning context; and in an Internet of Things environment. The ResumeNet project was rated as “excellent” at its final review.

Involved People EU GrantsAccess

Regina Notz, Project Administration Manager


ETH Zurich

Partner Institutions

France Telecom, France
NEC Europe Ltd, Germany
Technische Universität München, Germany
University of Lancaster, United Kingdom
Université de Liège, Belgium
Uppsala Universitet, Sweden


3 Years, 2008-2011





Funding Scheme

Small or medium scale projects