Project Description

The TANDEM project aimed at understanding current trends and best practices associated with issues related to Dual Career and Integration Services (DCIS) offered to mobile researchers and using and proving this knowledge in the development of new ways to optimize the support for mobile researchers throughout Europe thus facilitating the implementation of the Innovations Union’s commitment and supporting the EU in its efforts to become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy.

The main objective of the TANDEM project consist in analyzing the mobility obstacles of researchers and their respective partners and family members and in showing various strategic institutional ways of minimizing them. With a tandem of activities between the Dual Career Advise and Integration Services (ETH Zurich, Faculty Office and University of Copenhagen, IMS) and the Euraxess Service Centers (in Bratislava, Tartu, Thessaloniki and Zurich) we pooled the experiences of supporting researchers talents and their families. The talents support is absolutely crucial for postdoctoral researchers. It provides a powerful instrument for keeping women researchers in their academic careers. The project combined activities of DCIS and the Euraxess Network and thus was able to multiply efforts.

Involved People EU GrantsAccess

Sofia Karakostas, Project Leader and Member of the Management Board
Sibylle Hodel, Project Coordination and Work Package Leader
Alexandra Zingg, Scientific Work Package Leader


ETH Zurich

Partner Institutions

Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), Greece
Slovak Academic Information Agency (SAIA), Slovakia
University of Tartu, Estonia
University of Copenhagen, Denmark


2 Years, 2012-2014





Funding Scheme

Coordination and support action (Support Actions)