Project Description

Live video content is increasingly consumed over IP networks in addition to traditional broadcasting. The move to IP provides an opportunity to discover what people are watching in greater breadth and depth than currently possible. Rather than relying on interviews or set-top box based data gathering by rating organizations, ViSTA-TV provides telemetry of all viewer data and thereby promises to treat fairly also cultural minorities and niche channels, not just majorities and large channels. This is important in Europe going forward, as migration of viewers between countries accelerates.


  • generates a high-quality linked open dataset (LOD) describing live TV programming,
  • combines this dataset with behavioral information to provide highly accurate market research information about viewing behavior, and
  • employs the information gathered to build a recommendation service to provide real-time viewing recommendations.
Involved People EU GrantsAccess

Karl Kerschbaum, Project Administration Manager


University of Zurich

Partner Institutions

Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany
Rapidminer GmbH, Germany
Zattoo Europa AG, Switzerland
Stichting VU-VUMC, The Netherlands
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), United Kingdom


2 Years, 2012-2014




Bootstrapping a data economy

Funding Scheme

Small or medium scale focused research Project