Brown Bag Lunch for ERC StG Applicants: How to make your Proposal successful!

Learn about how to successfully write your ERC StG application. This training offers you the chance to benefit from the combined knowledge of EU GrantsAccess, a successful ERC StG grantee, of an ERC evaluator and an ERCEA official.

Date: Tuesday, 5 September 2017, 12:00 - 14:00h

Location: ETH Zurich, LEE E101 (Leonhardstrasse 21)



Together with EU GrantsAccess the following people will contribute to the ERC StG Applicants’ Training:

Martin Penny, Head of Unit Physical Sciences and Engineering at the ERC Executive Agency 

Nicole Joller, ERC Grant Holder (LS6)

Christian Münz, ERC Panel Member (LS6)

Katja Wirth, NCP ERC