Mission Statement

EU GrantsAccess is a joint counselling centre of two consistently renowned educational and research institutions of international orientation. EU GrantsAccess promotes research on an international level by means of actively giving advice and support to scientists and their research projects at every stage of their individual projects or careers.

Together with other offices, EU GrantsAccess constitutes the Swiss information network for European research and innovation Euresearch and is a partner within the European network Euraxess.

We attach great importance to the circulation of current knowledge regarding European and international funding instruments, both within the two institutions as well as within the region. It is for us to inform, to screen, to connect and thereby to support scientific excellency, academic freedom, creativity and innovation on a global level.

Correspondingly, our team proceeds in a service-oriented manner to accommodate the high quality standards. EU GrantsAccess provides an attractive working environment owing to the exchange with national and international partners as well as the commitment to and the fostering of a cooperative, fair and responsible style of leadership.