Ever since 2001, Sofia Karakostas and Agatha Keller are heading the joint counselling centre of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich which, back then, was still very young and had just recently been joined together. Step by step, the two of them have adapted the services to both the scientists and the changing environments of the European research landscape and they have used the resulting opportunities for the benefit of Zurich. Based on its volume of currently supported EU Projects and its long-term permanence, EU GrantsAcces is nowadays renowned to be one of the leading counselling centres in the area of European Research Programmes.

Agatha Keller and Sofia Karakostas can rely on many years of experience and therefore have a wide-ranging national and international network of useful contacts at their disposal. They are both known to be reliable and competent partners, placing great value on managing their team in a co-operative, equitable and responsible way.