Cooperation Grants

For Cooperation Grants, Horizon 2020 differs between Innovation Actions and Research and Innovation Actions, for which consortia with at least three legal entities of three different member countries or associated countries participate. The aim is the development of new knowledge, new technologies, procedures, products and services. The size for the consortia depends on the respective areas and can reach from small up to large project consortia.

Research and Innovation Actions operate in form of Cooperation Grants through consortia with partners of different countries. The aim is the development of new knowledge, new technologies, methods, procedures and services. They incorporate basic as well as applied research and can contain limited pilot or demonstration measures. Also tests as well as validation of prototypes in the laboratory or simulated environment are possible.

The funding rate of Research and Innovation Actions accounts for 100%.

Innovation Actions also operate in form of Cooperation Grants. The aim is the development of plans, concepts and provisions for new, improved products, procedures or services. They incorporate among others the development of prototypes, demonstrations, pilot projects as well as product validation and development of commercial viability.

The funding rate of Innovation Actions accounts principally for 70%. Non-profit institutions here too receive a funding rate of 100%.

Other Cooperation Grants:

International Programmes

European Programmes

National Programmes