ARTEMIS implements research funding in the area of Embedded Systems, ENIAC is a Joint Undertaking (JU) within the scope of Nanotechnology. The funding programmes (from 2008 to 2017) are open to all parties within the area of research and development of the EU Member States and Associated States (such as Switzerland). Projects worth funding are financed by the EU and those Members States that have joined either the ARTEMIS or the ENIAC JU. The overall funding volume for ARTEMIS is EUR 2.5 billion, for ENIAC it is EUR 5 billion. EUR 400 million are paid by the FP7, the rest by the funding Member States and the industry.

A project is submitted by at least three partners from three different Member States.

Switzerland is not a participating country in either ARTEMIS or ENIAC which means that the project participant solely receives the funds from the pot of the JU (16.7% of the approvable costs).