EUREKA / Eurostars

EUREKA is an initiative for application-related research in Europe and facilitates transnational co-operation projects between industry and science.

The goals are

  • to promote the European competitiveness within the global markets,
  • to make better use of the European potential regarding specialists, knowhow, facilities and financial resources,
  • to equally divide the jeopardy of innovative research between several players,
  • to develop European infrastructures and standards,
  • to create access to new markets,
  • to solve transnational problems and
  • to strengthen the European Internal Market.

Among other things, this means that no thematic specifications (also no thematic calls) are given (bottom-up approach).

As a funding opportunity within the scope of EUREKA, Eurostars thereby follows the principles of EUREKA: applications may be submitted at any point; usually there are biannual evaluation sessions (for further information see below).

For the second time, Switzerland will preside the EUREKA research initiative from June 2014 to July 2015. Honouring to the initiative’s 30th anniversary, Switzerland will host additional information events.