In general, FP7 consists out of six components. more

Ideas - ERC

The objective of the specific programme Ideas is to reinforce excellence, dynamism and creativity in European research and improve the attractiveness of Europe. more 


Eligible in FP7 are research groups at private or public universities or research institutions, enterprise-associations, public administration, young researchers, national and international organizations based in a EU member state or in a associated country. more


The objective of the specific programme Capacities is to enhance research and innovation capacities throughout Europe and ensure their optimal use. more

People - Marie-Curie

Highly trained researchers are needed in order to advance science and underpin innovation, and to attract and sustain public and private investment in research. The Marie Curie actions cover all stages of a researcher's professional life, from initial research training to life-long learning and career development. more


All proposals for projects are evaluated by independent experts. Those are picked out of the European Commission’s data bank, taking into consideration the respective scientific environment. more


In 10 thematic areas, corresponding to major fields in science and research, the programme will promote the progress of knowledge and technology. more

Funding schemes

A main focus throughout all support measures in FP7 lies in the support of trans-national collaboration in a multi-disciplinary context. Each Call specifies eligible project types. more