Coherent Development of Research Policies

The focus of the programme Coherent Development of Research Policies lies on coordination of research policies on a regional, national and international level in order to enable more efficient inverstments in the area of research and development and to accelerate the research capacity within Europe, and therefore strengthens its competitiveness on the global market.

Coherent Development of Research concentrates on activities in two areas:

  • supervision, analysis and forecast of results of public research policy and strategies for industry. This means developing indicators delivering input for design, performance and validation in transnational coordination of political initiatives
  • enhance coordination in research policies on a voluntary basis. This means to develop and implement an open coordination method, which evaluates successful ways of research funding and sharing it. Next to this, the programme supports initiatives in transnational coordination, which are performed bottom-up-on national or regional level on topics of common interest

The detailed eligibility criteria and conditions are defined in the respective Work Programme and the Call Fiche.