Regions of Knowledge

The programme Regions of Knowledge is aiming at strengthening the research potential of Europe’s regions. The main focus lies on ‘research-oriented clusters’, which link regional authorities, academia, research centers and enterprises.

Region of Knowledge does not support research activities as such, but shall give structure and accelerate the establishment of research and development capacity in Europe’s regions.

The implementation of these activities is in line with regional policies in the EU and the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP).

The measures focus three areas:

  • analyze, develop and perform research programmes for or in between regional or  transnational clusters.
  • mentoring of regionen with a lower research profile to optimize knowledge transfer between regions which are differently developed.
  • Initiatives, which integrate research bodies more effectively into regional economy.

In general, consortia are eligible which consist of regional research driven clusters, or a single  research driven cluster out of multinational partners, or a network of research institutions, industry partners, public authorities or governments from EU member states or associated countries.

The detailed eligibility criteria and conditions are defined in the respective Work Programme and the Call Fiche.