Research for the Benefit of SMEs

Research for the Benefits of SME  supports Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) or SME-associations in optimizing their innovation capacity and exploiting the results of their research. This Measurement supports the Outsourcing of research activities to institutions, contract research and/or the collaboration of SME and public research institutions.

The measurements are divided in two areas of activity:

  • Research for the benefit of SME

    This area is open for a limited consortium, in general consisting of three to seven SME out of EU member or associated countries. The projects are focused on the creation of new knowledge or getting results which have a clear potential to improve products, processes or services or create new ones.

  • Research for the benefit of SME associations

    This area is open for SME associations, industries or sectors that act on behalf of its members to identify and address common technical problems or give assistance with the dissemination and exploitation of results.

The projects are not limited to certain topics. The SME or the respective association get the exclusive rights on the results. Deviating from general funding principles, the research institutions can claim for full funding of their costs.

The detailed eligibility criteria and conditions are defined in the respective Work Programme and the Call Fiche.