Research Potential

The programme Research Potential aims at strengthening the research capacity in Convergence Regions or regions in the outer periphery of the EU.

The programme enhances the mobility of researchers or enables them to buy or develop research equipment. Like this it motivates those regions to participate in research activities on EU level.

The supporting measure aims at four areas:

  • strategic partnerships between research institutions out of public or private sector of convergence regions on the one side and established institutions in a EU member or associated country via exchange of human resources or experienced hire;
  • buy or develop research equipment or development of great equipment and infrastructure;
  • organize workshops and conferences to support knowledge transfer; as well as initiatives in order to transfer and distribute research results in other countries and international markets;
  • finding means of evaluating the quality of research centers in convergence regions as well as the level of research infrastructure by independent international experts.

There is no definition of scientific / technical topic of the project. In general, individual research institutions (academia, research centers) are eligible, which act as single applicant out of a convergence region (without a partner, but partnering organizations possible).

The detailed eligibility criteria and conditions are defined im the respective Work Programme and the Call Fiche.