FP7 Eligibility

Eligible in FP7 are research groups at private or public universities or research institutions, enterprise-associations, public administration, young researchers, national and international organizations based in a EU member state or in a associated country. Often, partners out of Third Countries can participate in FP7 under certain conditions, but are not in general eligible for financial support.

A common requirement for Collaborative Projects, Networks of Excellence(NoE) and some Coordination-and Support Actions (CSA) ist the building of a consortium consisting of at least three independent legal entities based in at least three EU member states or Associated States. Pioneer Research (ERC) and the Support of Education and Training as well as Career Development of Researchers (Marie Curie) have their own different conditions: In this case the respective research institutions have to file for the grant, in general on their own.

In the call fiches you can find the mandatory criteria for eligibility, e.g. when and which International Corporation Partner Countries (ICPC: these are e.g. Russia, other Countries in Eastern Europe/ Middle Asia, developing countries, Latin America) may participate, as well as a minimum number of institutions. In addition also countries are eligible, which signed an S&T agreement, as well as coutries out of Europe, as long as described in the call and/or relevant for the project’s success.