FP7 Evaluation

All proposals for projects are evaluated by independent experts. Those are picked out of the European Commission’s data bank, taking into consideration the respective scientific environment. In general the Process of Evaluation consists of two steps: First the experts evaluate the proposal based on an evaluation sheet staying at their home institution, before they meet for the second step at the Commission and discuss their results, analyze, discuss and a choose successful projects. The Commission hosts these discussions, but does not take influence. Each proposal will be evaluated by at least three evaluators (depending of the size of the project).

The applicants are advised to take part themselves as Expert in the Evaluation Process, as this offers the unique opportunity to gain valueable expertise for writing their own proposals, as well as establishing and maintaining a network to other Experts in their field.
However it is not possible to be Expert and applicant in the same Call.

Experts interested in evaluating FP7 Proposals can register in the  European Commission’s data base of Experts for Research Activities. Please be advised to update your CV frequently, especially before the deadline of a respective call.

A List of FP7 Expert Evaluators 2007 – 2010 in the evaluation of proposals received in response to calls made under the FP7 activities areas, is open to the public.