ERC Proof of Concept

ERC Proof of Concept supports the best ERC Grantees (irrespective their running or finished project) in commercializing their project results.

The type of high-risk/high-gain research at the frontiers of knowledge that the ERC promotes often generates unexpected or new opportunities for commercial and societal applications. The ERC is committed to ensure the full exploitation of the excellent, useful ideas it funds. The Proof of Concept funding helps ERC grant-holders bridge the gap between their research and the earliest stage of a marketable innovation with up to € 150‘000 per grant.
The Funding may be used for:

  • market research
  • feasibility studies
  • technical validation testings
  • identify a development path and an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) strategy, and/or
  • develop a business plan

Proposals are elected by three criteria:

  • potential of Innovation
  • quality of presented concept (innovation strategy)
  • budget

The proposal is structured in various parts: The project description renders idea, innovation strategy, activity plan, budget. Please concentrate on showing the link to a running/finished ERC project.

EU GrantsAccess offers a wide range of services for ERC applicants and grantees with ETH Zürich or University Zurich as Host Institution.