ERC Synergy Grants

ERC Synergy Grant supports a group of excellent investigators and their teams in performing a inter disciplinary research project, which only is possible on a joint basis. The idividual expertise of the group members had to add up to a whole and should enable synergies, bring together resources in a new way and therefore result in pioneer research results.

Eligible are groups consisting out of two to four researchers irrespective of their nationality., who can prove a sound research record analogue ERC Starting Grant or ERC Advanced Grant.

Each Researcher, represents as a Corresponding Principal Investigator (PI) all PIs facing the ERC. All of them have to be employed by a public or private research institution (Host Institution) located in one of the EU Member States or Associated Countries for the time of the project. PIs out of institutions in Third coutries may participate. The PIs are required to dedicate 30% of their respective working time to the project over the period of the grant – 50% of it being performed in Europe.

It is not an eligibility criteria that all the researcher are at the same location, however the group has to demonstrate its commitment to the project including willingness to spend significant 'core time' together at the same physical location

Für ein Projekt können bis zu 15 Millionen € für eine Laufzeit von bis zu sechs Jahren beantragt werden.

Ein ERC Grant kann bis zu 100% der direkten Forschungskosten umfassen; dazu bis zu 20% der direkten Gesamtkosten als Overheadbeitrag.
A Synergy Grant will be up to € 15 million for a period of six years (pro rata for projects of shorter duration). The Synergy grant covers up to 100% of direct research cost – plus an extra 20% of direct cost as overhead.
The call is designed bottom-up, i.e. open for any field of science, engineering or scholarship. Only eligibility criteria is scientific excellence

The proposal consists of multiple parts. Each PI hast o hand in his CV. Furthermore there is a project description and a short version of this, as well as the Host Support Confirmation of the Host Institution of Corresponding PI.

The proposals are evaluated in a 2-stage peer-review procedure. 5 Synergy Panels elected by the ERC evaluate the proposals.

In der ersten Stufe erfolgreiche Antragstellende werden entweder zu einem Interview nach Brüssel eingeladen oder von den Evaluatoren an der Forschungseinrichtung besucht.

Applicants who were successful in the first step are invited to an intervie in Brussels to present their project and answer the Panel’s questions.

EU GrantsAccess offers a wide range of services for ERC applicants and grantees with ETH Zürich or University Zurich as Host Institution.