Career Integration Grants (CIG)

The Career Integration Grant aims to support experienced researchers when (re-)integrating into the European research community. Main target ist a long-term establishment of the investigator in a EU member or associated country, the use of synergies with the fellow’s previous host institution as well as intensifying Cooperation between both institutions.

Investgators of all nationalities, who live or work in a EU member or associated state may apply together with an institution in such a country, where the applicant may not have stayed more than 12 months over the period of the last three years.

The grant runs for 2 to 4 years and is a yearly lump sum payment of 25.000 €. This can be used for: salary top-up, research, human resources, travel, consumables, patents and/or publications.
Filing a proposal is only possible referring to one of the specific Calls which are published on the European Commission’s Participant Portal.

The detailed eligibility criteria and conditions are defined in the respective Work Programme and the Call Fiche.