CTI - Commission for Technology and Innovation

The Confederation’s innovation promotion agency enables the collaboration of the industry and public research institutions (universities, universities of applied sciences). The main promotion focus is on research and development projects that are geared directly to innovation regarding material, process and production and not to the advancement and market maturity. CTI projects shall lead to an increase of knowledge and to innovation for the partners.

CTI provides grant funding for all scientific disciplines. Currently, its main focus is on the following four areas of funding, grouped together according to submission criteria:

  • Life Sciences: Leading research for better quality of life

  • Enabling Sciences: Stronger Economic Pacesetters

  • Nanotechnologies and Microsystems Technology: Ever smaller, ever more sophisticated

  • Engineering Sciences: Integration and Innovation

Important criteria are the economic and the technical as well as scientific relevance of the project and, additionally, its potential to lead to rapid results on the market.

Further information on the CTI is available here