As a rule, the usual accounting principles of the respective institution must be applied. This principle should be applied to all project related costs. You should basically budget everything that is required to execute the project.

Example salaries: Use the usual salary standards at your Institution. Employer’s contributions to social security must be included.

Example travel costs: Follow the accounting principles travelling expenses of your institution.

Example equipment: The EU will only reimburse the portion of a piece of equipment which can be depreciated over the project duration. The depreciation rules of the respective institution apply.

The Annotated Model Grant Agreement defines eligible and non-eligible costs (Article 6) and explains how the maximum grant is calculated (Articles 4 and 5).

Coordinators will find on the right hand side the Excel-Calculator H2020_budget_calculator_coordinators which will help them in drawing up the consortium budget. Members of ETH Zürich should additionally use the Horizon 2020 Budget Calculator –provided by the division Fondsbewirtschaftung und Mandate under the tab "Documents and Forms"–  for budgeting their own project share.

The EU GrantsAccess team is happy to answer your questions concerning budgeting matters via phone, email or a personal counselling session.