Horizon 2020 and Switzerland: Thinking Ahead

The 2014 conference on European Rersearch Funding Horizon 2020 and Switzerland: Thinking Ahead focused on the consequences of the Swiss popular vote on the limitation of mass immigration in Switzerland. What could be done on a political, on an institutional level, on the level of research networks in order for excellence and innovation to be continually carried out with international partners in a transparent, cooperative, highly competitive and successful way across borders?

In dialogue between representatives of the European Research Council, the State Sectretariat for Education, Research and Innovation in Berne, the Swiss National Science Foundation, Science Europes and participants of ongoing European research projects, various positions came together, opening a debate in which the process for accessing specific topics was central. The panel discussion European Roundabout: Leveraging Collective Intelligence for Unprecedented Challenges focused on the strategic and fundamental goals of research funding in Switzerland and Europe and scrutinised the significance of global, pro-active, decentralised and democratic research.

In addition the participation possibilities and the funding modalities of Swiss researchers in Horizon 2020 projects was presented  andinformation on lobbying in Brussels given.

The speakers and their presentations:

  • EUROPEAN ROUNDABOUT: Leveraging Collective Intelligence for Unprecedented Challenges

    • Theodore PAPAZOGLOU European Research Council Executive Agency Head of Unit “Support to the ERC Scientific Council”
    • Urs BALTENSPERGER National Research Council Switzerland, President of the Committee International Co-operation
    • Philipp LANGER Head EU Framework Programmes Unit SERI
    • Stephan KUSTER Head of Policy Affairs of Science Europe, Brussels (Moderator)