Legal Issues

For every EU Project, an individual Grant Agreement between the European Union and the Beneficiary or the Beneficiaries, respectively, is signed. This standard contract governs the conditions of the particular research funding and is adapted in each case to the Project by means of different specific terms.

In the case of a successful evaluation of a proposal handed in by several Project Participants, they conclude a Consortium Agreement among themselves. Therein, the rights and obligations of the Project Participants are mutually determined; project management and cost distribution are arranged and confidentiality, liability as well as the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are governed among each other. In order to guarantee a smooth Project progression, individual or all of the issues previously listed should be regulated upon handing in a Proposal. Ideally, a Preliminary Contract between the future Consortium Partners is concluded.

EU GrantsAccess offers the service of assessing the contracts and obtaining the necessary signatures for ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. We recommend that you include EU GrantsAccess as early as possible into your planned EU Projects so that you can concentrate fully on your research within the scope of your EU Project.