Consortium Agreement - CA

The Consortium Agreement is a contract regulating the rights and obligations among the Participants of an EU Project with reference to management structures and financial distribution but also concerning confidentiality, liability and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Contrary to the Grant Agreement, the European Commission is not party to the Consortium Agreement. The CA is a contract between the Project Participants and is signed by each one of them. The Grant Agreement (GA) including its Annexes precedes the Consortium Agreement.

Several Consortium Agreement model versions have been designed serving as a basis for negotiations.

To Academic Partners, we recommend the Consortium Agreement based on the most commonly used DESCA Model. It was developed in collaboration with different European research institutions und treats all signatories equally. Especially, this model is responsive to the specific requirements of a CA for Projects Partners from academic of research, for example concerning publication obligations or the possible use of project results for research and teaching. Signatories of the CA are the respective Legal Entities.