Grant Agreement – GA

The Grant Agreement is an EU standard contract defining the basic conditions for the project financing. Apart from these conditions, which are stipulated in the main body of the contract, the Grant Agreement consists of the following Annexes:

  • Annex I: "Description of the action", composed of the originally submitted Proposal, including the individual Work Packages and Deliverables and the Milestones of the individual Project.
  • Annex II: "Estimated Budget for the action".
  • Annex III: "Accession Forms", primarily a form to be signed by those Project Participants acceding to the Grant Agreement. (Annex IIIa is an adapted version for Project Participants who are not Beneficiary of the Grant Agreement, such as Linked Third Parties, etc.)
  • Annex IV: "Model financial statements".
  • Annex V: "Model on the certificate of the financial statement".
  • Annex VI: "Model for the certificate on the methodology".

Signatories of the Grant Agreement are the European Commission as the EU’s representative and the Coordinator. Under Horizon2020, the Grant Agreement is signed only electronically. Additional Project Participants accede to the treaty by signing the "Accession Form" (Annex III) and are thereby liable to the same rights and duties as described in the Grant Agreement. This equally applies for parties from a third country, which receive no project funding from the EU and are subject to the Grant Agreement as "beneficiaries not receiving EU funding". The Model Grant Agreement (MGA) and its appertaining Annexes may be found in the Participant Portal. The individual terms of the MGA are adapted to the corresponding Project. In case of alterations during the contract duration, an Amendment must be compiled.