Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Within the scope of EU Projects, a special focus lies on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). These comprise legally protectable or protected developments or results, for example patentable or patented inventions, unpublished knowhow, computer programs, designs and trademarks.

IPR are thus a key factor for the smooth implementation of research projects.

In order to enable consortium collaboration, certain access privileges (such as licenses) must be allocated and regulated. What is more, the results of an EU Project shall be used continuously according to the corresponding strategy of application of the respective Participant. To prevent potential differences hereof, the Project Participants should conclude a Preliminary Contract including i.a. confidentiality clauses, preferably already during the preparation of the Proposal before submission.

EU GrantsAccess helps you to protect your interests optimally so that you can focus completely and as protected as possible on your Project in accordance with the guidelines of your institution.