H2020 Projects must principally be budgeted cost-covering. The EU is applying a principle which can be described as „the usual accounting practices of the respective institution shall be applied”. This applies to salaries, equipment (depreciation rules), consumables, Audits etc.

The necessary basis to do so can be found on the right hand side under Documents.

Coordinators are invited to use the excel file H2020_budget_calculator_coordinators for drawing up the consortium budget.

Members of ETH Zurich should use the Horizon 2020 Budget Calculator – provided by the division Fondsbewirtschaftung und Mandate under the tab "Documents and Forms" –  for budgeting their H2020 proposals. 

We are happy to support you with your H2020 application. Please contact us under 044 634 53 50 or grants[at]sl.ethz.ch.