Support of UZH or ETH Zurich Coordinators when coordinating a H2020 Project

Are you Coordinator of an EU Project?
EU GrantsAccess is happy to support you in your management tasks:

Before signature EU GrantsAccess supports the following tasks free of charge:


  • Participation in Partner meetings on project set-up and supporting the compilation of the Proposal
  • Assisting in budgeting for ETH Zurich/UZH and the respective Partners. On the right-hand side you will find the excel calculator H2020_budget_calculator_coordinators which assists you in drawing up the consortium budget. Members of ETH Zurich should additionally use the Horizon 2020 Budget Calculator –provided by the division Fondsbewirtschaftung und Mandate– for budgeting their own project share. The EU GrantsAccess team is happy to answer your questions concerning budgeting matters via phone, email or a personal counselling session
  • Input on structure and tasks of the work package "Management"
  • Review/completion of all administrative data for ETH Zurich/UZH in the Participant Portal of the European Commission
  • Completing/review of budgeted figures of all Partners in the Participant Portal
  • Critical review (pre-screening) of Project Proposals

Contract Preparation and Signature

  • Completion/review of all administrative data of ETH Zurich/UZH in the Participant Portal as well as review of all data inserted by the Partners
  • Review of final budgets for ETH Zurich/UZH as well as individual Partners
  • Legal Review of the contract (e.g. special clauses)
  • Electronic signature of the contract by the authorized representative on behalf of ETH Zurich/UZH
  • Supervision of the electronic signature process of all partners

 Consortium Agreement (CA)

  • Drafting of a first CA version for the respective Project and distribution amongst all Partners
  • Reception of Partner feedback on this draft, legal review of the adaptions of the first and all following versions (in case of UZH in close collaboration with Unitectra) until the final version;arranging for all necessary signatures of the Partners and distribution of the fully signed CA amongst the Partners electronically and by post

In case of Projects smaller than 10 partners, EU GrantsAccess offers as billable service to take over the responsibility for the work package "Management". If this option is chosen, EU GrantsAccess and the UZH/ETH Zurich Coordinator sign a special agreement. Finance tasks (management of funds and third-party funding) are explicitly excluded from this service.