Applications to the European Research Council (ERC) at ETH Zurich

The Executive Board (Schulleitung) of ETH Zurich strongly encourages and supports the professors and postdocs of ETH Zurich to submit a proposal for an ERC grant. In order to support the success of the proposal and to ensure that all the necessary requirements are met, please follow the guidelines and instructions in the ERC application memorandum on this website. Please contact us as early as possible in order to allow for smooth process.

Note: All Applicants NOT holding an associate or ordinary professorship must obtain the written approval of their department head. Please see “Richtlinien der ETH Zürich für Grants des European Research Council“ for further details.

All applicants must contact the Immobilien-Portfoliomanagement (IBI) two months before the relevant deadline in order to discuss, assess and determine the potential project’s needs in terms of rooms, lab space, renovations, etc., and to obtain a confirmation from IBI.

Please fill the IBI form (upper right "Documents" section), have it signed by your Head of Department and forward the duly signed original copy to your contact person indicated on the form.