Support for Researchers of the University or ETH Zurich participating in a H2020 Project

Before Signature EU GrantsAccess is happy to support free of charge:


  • Support in putting together the project’s budget ETH Zurich/UZH
  • Control/Completion of all administrative data for ETH Zurich/UZH in the Participant Portal of the European Commission

Contract Preparation and Signature

  • Collection of all necessary information for ETH Zurich/ UZH in the Participant Portal
  • Control/Completion of the final budget for the part of ETH Zurich/UZH
  • Legal Review of the contract (e.g. special clauses)
  • Electronic signature of the contract by the authorized representative on behalf of ETH Zurich/UZH
  • For ETH Zurich: Initialisation of opening of an internal account ("Fondsnummer") together with "Fondsbewirtschaftung und Mandate" and issue of the official order ("Verfügung")

Consortium Agreement (CA)

  • (Legal) Review of CA drafts, for UZH in close corporation with Unitectra
  • Feedback or Adaptions via ETH Zurich- /UZH- Researcher back to Coordinator
  • Arrangement for necessary signature by responsible legal representative of UZH/ETH Zurich and return all documents to the Coordinator electronically and by post